Three Types of Orders

What is the difference between certain types of Stampin Up orders?


Workshop order - You have several ladies with one hostess and your placing all the orders separate but on a workshop order so that the order total accumilate and earn rewards for the hostess.  You can also assign hostess codes in which your hostess can have friends order from out of town or out of state.  By using the hostess code your hostess will get credit for the order.

Demonstrator order - This is an order that you place for your Stampin Up business or to support your habit.  You have to make over $600 in commission before you receive a 1099 for taxes.   Yes, you can deduct a portion of your demo expenses for taxes.  Hope that helps.

Customer order - Sally calls and say's she'd like you to place an order for her.  You place it under customer order and select or enter Sally's name.  The order then is placed through you on your demonstrator website... the order ship directly to Sally.  You can take her payment information or you can pay for it and Sally will need to write you a check or pay for it another way.

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