How to run an effective stamp camp

The information below is from lots and lots of  trial and error.... experience.  Once you get one under your belt you will have a clear vision of what worked and what didn't.   There are lots of different ways to run a stamp camp, but below are some of things that have worked for me.

Stamp Camp

I typically host what I call a "Stamp Camp".  In this situation I require the ladies to register and prepay.  You can read what I offer here.   Once I know how many ladies... I being preparing.

Preparing for the Camp

how-to-run-a-stamp-camp.jpgYou need to think about several things... how experienced are your stampers. Are they new to Stamping?  Its MOST important that you attendees feel accomplished and excited about what they have created.  Therefore, less is more!  You want to WOW then but keep it simple.  Add jewels or pearls and dress it up but don't jump into techniques and things.

I design four cards for a stamp camp.  I typically have 16 ladies.  My goal is move the product to keep everyone happy and crafting.  That's why I do 4 designs... 4 ladies per design.  They stay at there seat and I move the product as I see people finish etc.   Stampin Up recently stated its totally OK to use other products in your workshops and classes as long as your not selling it... making money off it.  Use what you have available and let them know that you used the blip stamp set but if you had the Stampin Up X stamp set you would have used that instead.  Its on your wish list!  Use what you have but refer to what you would use from Stampin Up in its place.  I don't know too many people who came aboard with everything.  We have to use what we have and build on it.


  1. Might be floral (two step stamping)
  2. A punch art card... something simple.  I'd punch most everything you can ahead of time. Leave them something simple to do.  You could make my Black and White Happy Day card or a version of it.  It would absolutely WOW them.  You don't need to do it as I have done... switch it up!  You could do a punch art animal or a punch art flower... the idea is to have one or two cards that can be made with minimal products.  This way if all stamps are being used you can have that person pull out a card that can be done while she waits for a stamp.
  3. Keep your cards simple so that they can interchange greetings and salutations.  This add value because I can add my own greetings and things. 
  4. I recommend to the ladies that you stamp, stamp, stamp first.  If you are starting a card and your making four of that card... stamp all your images because if your letting the stamp sit there... Ms. Brandy is coming by to pick it up and give it to someone else.  I don't want people waiting.  Another reason to stamp everything first is so you can enjoy talking and the fellowship in the room while you leisurely put things together.
  5. I ALWAYS have examples on each table.  If you had time you could type of directions or list out products used.  This is a way to sell the items you used.  If you have a lot of ladies you may need to punch and prepare as much as possible.

Note:  Ultimately you want to sell your product.  You want people to use it and like it etc.  However, depending on the size of your group and how much product is available you might need to do the leg work until ladies get in their grove and feel comfortable.  I hear all the time "I"m just not crafty".  I always tell them I do all the work.  They just need to come and have fun putting things together and enjoy the fellowship.  Remind them that everything is cut and ready to go!

Seating and Place Mats:

place-mat.pngI use the Stampin Up Grid paper and place it at everyone's station.  I assign seats because I know Sally likes to sit next to Carolyn and I want them to be happy and have fun.  I want them to enjoy crafting and fellowship time.  I strategically place ladies.  If I know I have a larger lady coming I put her on the end where she may be more comfortable.  I also write a message to each guest on the corner of the Mat.  This is my way to personalize the experience.  I also list upcoming events and dates.

Sell Your Glue:

You need to let ladies know ahead of time that you don't supply adhesive, glue dots or mini glue dots.  With that said, I recommend having it on hand... two or three extra and letting them know they can purchase it from you.  You can let them know that you sell it and that they don't need to run out and buy it.  You can also let them know you are grateful for their business and appreciate them buying it from you as it helps your sales.  Your friends will want to do that!!!  FYI:  You will go broke if you supply it for FREE!

Snacks and Refreshments:

I provide soda and water.  I also provide a light snack or two.  Nothing crazy.  I also mention in my email that if you'd like to bring a snack or item to share that would be great.  Not required but very much appreciated.  More often then not... we end up with a fabulous treat table. 

Go to "My Business"... Click on "My Business Resources" and "Printing Place"... you'll find a many valuable documents that you can use for Door Prizes, Wish list, Cost Calculator, Class organizer list etc.  The Printing place is your best friend!!!!

I'll attach a couple of documents for Workshops... not necessarily Stamp camps but its valuable information!

Ok,I know your getting ready for school and its a super crazy busy time.  This is what I do for a class; however, we also have Workshops where you invite the ladies and go over the catalog and products.  You can demonstrator a card and then let each lady make one.  Depending on the size of your group I would make two or three cards... they can make one of each but this allows for the product to keep moving and keeps people stamping.... so they don't have to wait.

Hopefully some of these items may help you plan a successful event for your customers!  Please feel free to comment below or start a discussion on what works or doesn't work for you.



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