Benefits of Becoming a Stampin Up Demonstrator

bb1-273px-wide.pngMy Stampin' Up team name is Blooms and Butterflies! I loved it because my Blooms are demonstrators who are hobbyists and are what they do and sharing the beauty of their projects and Stampin Up!

My Butterflies are my career demonstrators who are also enjoying what they do while spreading their wings and actively selling stampin up products. My team is spread out all of the US and we share online through our website, Facebook, google chat, private videos I do for my team etc.

There are two types of SU Demos...

  1. Hobbyist (Blooms) - You enjoy the discount and maintain your quarter through your own purchases and a that of stamping friends.
  2. Career Demo's (Butterflies) - A career demonstrator is looking to do this as a business in which you would want to do workshops, actively sell Stampin Up products and possibly recruit demonstrators underneath you.

Hobbyists make up 75 - 80% of Stampin' Up demonstrators! Stampin Up welcomes everyone and has lots of great things to offer both hobbyist and career demos. More than half of my team are hobbyist demos so you would never ever feel pressure from me as I too was a hobbyist for almost 2 -1/2 years before one day I decided to take it further. Either way is great!


Benefits of becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

  • Buy all Stampin' Up Products at a 20% Discount

Hobbyist's - Buying at a Discount!

If you plan on purchasing Stampin Up products it does make since to join as a hobbyist. You would receive 20% off! Its totally worth it for the savings. You get a fabulous catalog called Stampin Success that has ideas and information inside. Its wonderful! You get an invitation to Stampin Connection (facebook for SU Demos), Pre-orders of NEW products to come, Templates and things... and your very first order after joining you get 30% off so that would be the best time to order a Big Shot etc.

SU Demonstrators are welcome to any and all Hostess Benefits too if your order reaches more than $150.

Making Your Quarter

Your first quarter after you join is FREE. Mean you aren't obligated to buy or sell anything until your second quarter which starts Oct-Dec. Therefore, In order to continue as a Stampin Up demonstrator you'll need to buy or sell $300 in merchandise before Dec 31. If your unable and let me know I am happy to help. I'm glad to help as I value you as my team and a dear friend so if I have the orders to help I will. If I for some reason I can't help then in January you go into pending and we can try to pull you out during that time. If you decide its not for you then we just don't make it up in January and it goes away. No questions asked. Although you would have to promise me you'll continue to stay in touch and enjoy your crafting!!!

Note: Anything you buy or sell after you join counts towards qualifying you for your Oct. - Dec. quarter!

Joining My Team

Its honestly very easy to join... you would CLICK HERE and click on "Join The Fun!" Then follow all the prompts and fill out your order. The kit is full customizable so if you were going to place a $99 order than that would act as your kit order. You will get another $25.00 in merchandise for FREE!!! Yay!!! So your kit will cost $99 plus tax and shipping is FREE. You will get $125 in product plus business supplies that you can hang on to or recycle. When you join you accept the agreement as though you are a career demo; however, you do not have to do workshops and those things. They just have to assume you are doing this to make an income... ladies bounce between both often. Note - As you join be sure you see my name in the right hand top corner of the screen. This way you are joining my Blooms and Butterflies!

Setting Up Website/Blog

Good News... if you decided to join my team of Blooms and Butterflies I can help you set up a your demonstrator Website with your business name and teach you how to embed video, upload photos and more. Its really a lot of fun to share your work and ya never know you might find that you want to take it a step further. Ya never know! If you decide to join and want to get started I will give you all the details. We'll schedule a time to talk and get started. If this doesn't interest you... no worries! Ok!

Do you have a current Stampin Up catalog? If not, email me your address and I will drop one in the mail to you right away. Ok!

Thank you for letting me share all this with you! Let me know if you have any questions or need more information OK! The link to join is above or you can click here. Once you join we'll talk and I will show you all around the website. Its very important to me that you know all the great things available to you!

Thanks again considering joining Stampin Up and for giving me the opportunity to share this journey with you! Let me know if you have any more questions or if you'd like for me to call you!

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